Is Watermelon Good For You ?

Is Watermelon Good For You ?

On a hot summer afternoon, nobody can say no to a crunchy and juicy watermelon. In the United States, watermelon is sold throughout the year actually. However, the best season to have it is in the summer months.

To look at, the watermelon is an oblong and round shaped fruit. It is huge in size, and can grow to weigh as much as 100 pounds.The watermelon is the member of the squash family, and it is classified as a fruit and a vegetable. Watermelon other than being a thirst quenching, delicious fruit, also has several therapeutic properties. It is considered as a good and healthy fruit to eat. There are several health benefits that you can get from a watermelon.

Eating watermelon everyday has known to control the symptoms of several diseases like asthma, inflammatory disorders like arthritis, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon cancer and even kidney problems. It is known to reduce the kidney stones. It is rich in dietary fiber and water.

The water in watermelon is rich with several nutrients that have enzymes which are good for several processes in the body. It is good for you in summers because it keeps the body hydrated for a long time. Even if you are tired due to the hot afternoon sun, you can get instant energy by eating watermelon. It is high in Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Also, the nutrients in watermelon travel in the body and kill the free radicals. Free radicals are considered dangerous for several diseases, including heart attack.

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Is Watermelon Good For You