Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Aphids  

Aphids are insects, which can damage flowers, crops, or the entire garden. In fact, they have the ability to damage entire crops at a blink of an eye. They take the food from the plant's phloem tubes. These tubes are transportation channels in plants using which sap is transported from leaves to the roots. The sap is what the aphids live on. The aphids give diseases to plants as a mosquito gives diseases to human beings. Aphids are green in color and small in size. When feeding on plants, they leave a trail of liquid on the plants.

You will know that your plant has been attacked by aphids when you observe damage on the plant first. Most aphids can consume sap from any plant, but there are some species like peach tree aphids, which feed on specific plants.

There is no need for chemical sprays to get rid of aphids because there are some home remedies. One of the remedies is to take an orange, peel it and keep the peel aside. The peel should be cut into smaller pieces. Add two cups of water and mix it well for around 20 seconds.

Pass the mixture through a sieve, and then mix some baby shampoo, around 2 tablespoons. Mix well. Transfer the mixture in a spray bottle.

Set the hose to the strongest possible setting. Spray the whole plant with water first, so that you can get rid of large number of aphids using a strong jet of water. Thereafter, test the prepared spray on one plant first so that the whole garden will not get damaged if the spray is too strong. Now, take the spray bottle consisting of the blend prepared and spray on all the parts of plant like leaves or stems, wherever you find the aphids. This spray will stay on the plant till you hose it down again or till it rains.

This home made spray costs less and is organic. It is one of the best home remedies to get rid of aphids.

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Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Aphids




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