Spray For Aphids  

Aphids, which are sometimes referred to as plant lice, affect many different varieties of plants. These are small creatures, around 1/18th inch long. They can be yellow, green or black in color. They have the capacity to destroy the whole garden or crop. They take in the sap from the plant, which makes the plant dehydrated and dry. They also spread plant viruses from tree or plant to another.

There are several home remedies and also sprays available in the market which can be used to destroy aphids. One of the home remedies is using garlic, which has natural antimicrobial properties. Garlic consists of sulfur, which gives it a pungent smell and taste. Once the garlic spray is used, it will offer protection to the plant from future infestations.

It takes a day to make the aphid spray. See to it that you know which part of the garden is infected. Peel 12 ounces of garlic and keep it in a closed container. Add 4 ounces of mineral oil to this. Mix well and close the container. Let the garlic and oil stand for one whole day.

The following day, add around 4 teaspoons of fish emulsion to around half gallon of water. Then, add quarter cup of Castile oil. Now run the garlic and oil mixture through a sieve, and then add the fish emulsion mixture to it. This mixture can be kept in a closed container. Dilute the mixture slightly before using it on your plants. This spray is very good at getting rid of aphids.

There are some things which should be taken care before you spray. Sometimes, plants can be damaged when you use aphid repellants made from garlic and/or oils. It causes the plants to burn. This is known as phytotoxic burn. Do not use these sprays if the outside temperature is higher than eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Also, sprays should not be used if the humidity is 140 or more.

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Spray For Aphids




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