How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles ? Without Chemicals ?  

The Japanese beetle is an aggressive destroyer of plants, and once it arrives, it can take over your garden very quickly. If you are considering an organic way of getting rid of the beetles, then here is how you should do it.

Some people use traps for the beetles. So first you need to set up the entire trap. These traps intercept the beetle when they come to feed on the leaves and the scent only attracts more beetles.

The best way to get red of them is manually. The beetles are most active during the day when it is hot. In the evenings, the beetles become slow, but settle on the underside of the plant leaves. So, the best time to trap them is early mornings when they are not very active.

Select the time to collect the beetles carefully. During the day, when it is hot, the beetles will move quite fast and you will not be able to catch them. Take a bucket or pan filled with soap water. You can even use dish washing soap if you like. Set out into the garden early morning and patiently turn the leaves to check for beetles. You can even feel the under leaf with your hands and then pick the beetles and drop in the bucket of soap solution. Make sure to wear gloves when you are doing this.

After you have managed to collect as many beetles as you can, leave the soap solution of beetles in the bucket for a day. Next day dump the death beetles on the plants. This will stop the other beetles from coming to your plants.

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How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles Without Chemicals




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How-To-Get-Rid-Of-Japanese-Beetles      The Japanese beetles are the natives of Japan. However, the beetle is one among the worst beetles to have in your garden. It can rip a plant off its leaves within a matter of few minutes. If they are in great numbers, then they can destroy a huge outlay of crop and cause losses which is estimated to be in millions of dollars. It is known to be one among the most insatiable species among all the beetles. They are famous for destroying all the lawns and turf. More..




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How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles ? Without Chemicals ? )
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