How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles ?  

The Japanese beetles are the natives of Japan. However, the beetle is one among the worst beetles to have in your garden. It can rip a plant off its leaves within a matter of few minutes. If they are in great numbers, then they can destroy a huge outlay of crop and cause losses which is estimated to be in millions of dollars. It is known to be one among the most insatiable species among all the beetles. They are famous for destroying all the lawns and turf.

That is why you should protect your garden against Japanese beetles. And, protecting your garden against these beetles is actually fairly simple.

Manual work like collecting the beetles individually is the best strategy to control the beetles. Also, when you do it in the wee hours of the morning, it is best. Go through the garden with a bucket containing soap and water mixture. Collect the beetles and drop them into the bucket. They will drown in the water. This method is best adopted when there are few beetles to deal with.

In case you do not want to wake up early, then you can directly use an insecticidal soap. Fill it up in a bottle and spray the garden with it. You need to spray both sides of the leaves on the plant. However, the problem with this spray is that it also kills the good bugs that are needed for a garden.

Try netting the garden in when the Japanese beetles are at the peak. The net will prevent the plants and also the beetles will move on elsewhere in search of food.

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How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles




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How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles ? )
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