What Does A Japanese Beetle Look Like ?  

The Japanese beetle is a fairly easy one to identify and also one can tell from its feeding pattern. Japanese beetles are very notorious, and can cause irreparable damage to your plants within no time.

The body is oval in shape, and it has an intense metallic green upper body while the bottom of the body is brown or reddish orange. Some also have white or grayish under body with 4 to 5 patches of hair which is white in color. These patches line the sides of the abdomen. In addition, they have 2 tufts of hair, also white in color, at the rear. This beetle is quite a different looking beetle and can be easily identified.

The females are more rounded and the males are kind of pointed. The Japanese beetles are usually found in gardens, woods, and also in open meadows sometimes. The Japanese beetles are becoming more common in the United States, and several farmers and agriculturists are reporting of infestations. They could have come along with the iris that was imported in the early 19th century.

Japanese beetles feed on more than three hundred different species of plants. They can eat leaves of roses and even poison ivy. These beetles arrive in large numbers and also eat in groups. They love to feed on younger leaves and tend to eat the foliage, and leave out the veins. They leave a skeleton of the leaf on the plant. It is also easy to tell that there Japanese beetles present in the crop if we find such leaves on the top most parts of the plant.

The Japanese beetles are nice, colorful and bright to look at, but they cause severe damage to the plants.

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What Does A Japanese Beetle Look Like




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What Does A Japanese Beetle Look Like ? )
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