Control Of Green June Beetle  

June beetles are quite difficult to control. Green June beetles are nothing but beetles in the pupal stage. In fact, there are no chemical or biological agents that can effectively control the grub. The digger wasp is known to help the situation and is also safe for humans. They are not known to bite humans.

The best way to control green June beetles is by controlling the grub. Some types of grasses do have a tendency to recover from the damage after the grub is removed. Insecticides usually are good to control grub at all stages. Agriculturists recommend applying the insecticides between August and November. This is when the damaging beetles are still around.

Applying the chemicals during spring is not all that effective. Also, most of the grubs are active just for a couple of weeks and after that they enter into the next stage of molting. It is during the third larval stage that the grubs move around freely, and they move from the infected area to a fresh area. However, the grubs damage the crop in their pupal stage itself. The insecticides that usually control worms do a good job of controlling the grub also. They also suppress the grubs from migrating to a fresh piece of crop.

Insecticides like Sevin and Tucam can effectively control the grubs in the larval stage itself. The risk is when there is a large concentration of adult beetles. They lay eggs repeatedly and cause more damage to the crops in the long run. However, while using insecticides one has to follow the precautionary measures listed on the label.

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Control Of Green June Beetle




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