What Keeps June Beetles Out Of A Vegetable Garden ?  

The best way to keep June beetles out of a vegetable garden is by using pesticides or insecticides, and any exterminator would give you this simple advice. However, what you need to consider is whether the usage of these chemicals is good or bad for your crop in the big picture. Sometimes such insecticides even kill the beneficial organisms that are required by the crops and soil. Also, if you have pets and children, the chemicals may be harmful to them.

There are some common pesticides like imidacloprid and halofenizide that are used in killing June bugs. They are available at any garden store and market. However, one has to be experienced when it comes to dealing with these pesticides.

You can also get rid of June beetles through natural remedies. You can use nematodes in the garden. Also, attracting natural predators like birds is very helpful. Build a bird house or keep a bird feeder in the garden. This will attract the birds and also they are good at identifying the bugs and picking them out of the soil. This helps to keep the June bug population under check.

If you plan to use the nematodes, then you have to wait until the June bugs start laying eggs. The nematodes are parasites that will grab the grub and kill the larvae. However, it takes some time for them to get inside the body of the larvae. Nematodes are available in most gardening stores. You need to mix the nematodes in water and spray the entire infected area.

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What Keeps June Beetles Out Of A Vegetable Garden




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