How To Get Rid Of Asian Lady Beetles ?  

The Asian beetle originated in parts of Asia and comes in spotted colors. However, this particular beetle is now found in North America in large numbers. These beetles are beneficial for the garden because they mainly feed on aphids and insects. However, in large numbers, they may not be so good for the crops.

In some parts of North America the Asian lady beetle population is excessive. This is caused due to the increase in the pest population. The problem with the Asian lady beetles is that they tend to invade the nearby homes and structures also. If you suspect of infestation by the Asian lady beetles, then look for them in crevices and gaps in the walls. They can also reside in pipes that are present outside the house and corners of the window frames. Seal these openings and caulk them so that the Asian lady beetles cannot enter them.

The best insecticide to get rid of Asian lady beetles permethrin. This insecticide would prevent the beetles coming even in the future. Spray this insecticide on surfaces where the beetles tend to sit, and this could include window sills, frames and door frames. This insecticide is available in garden stores. However, take care to only spray the exteriors like barns and outdoors. In order, to stop the beetles from coming, spray the insecticide in advance when the summer season begins to end.

The Asian beetles look for holes for hibernating during the winters. Once they smell the insecticide they stop coming there. This also disrupts the natural life cycle of the beetles.

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How To Get Rid Of Asian Lady Beetles




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