Where Do Asian Lady Beetles Hibernate ?  

Lady beetles are also called lady bugs and ladybird beetles; and they are very familiar part of gardens in many regions of the US. Lady birds are beneficial for agriculture because they feed on aphids and insects that damage the crops. The farmers can help and control the insects in a natural way without having to depend on insecticides.

The Asian lady beetle is a multicolored type of lady beetle, and it lives on aphids and insects that tend to live on and in the bark of the trees. In Asia, a large number of these beetles overwinter by hibernating. They get into cracks and gaps present in the natural terrain that they can find. They identify these places much before the hibernation season starts. In the United States, there are no such cliffs and natural crevices. So, they have a tendency to find buildings, homes and other structures for overwintering.

However, in the past decade, the Asian lady beetle has turned to be a nuisance for several households. If they are more in numbers, they tend to flood homes looking for places to hibernate. This species of lady beetles is also known as the Halloween lady beetle as they are bright yellow in color, and look like a pumpkin. Also, large populations appear in October. However, due to their hibernation habit, they end up causing inconvenience to residents and other people who live in buildings.

The Asian lady beetles are not harmful, and they never bite humans. Yet it is inconvenient having them fly around every time you open a door or a window.

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Where Do Asian Lady Beetles Hibernate




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