Do Ladybugs Bite People ?

Do Ladybugs Bite People ?

Actually lady bugs do not bite people. However, it is becoming more and more common to hear that a lady bug has bitten someone. First of all people should know that there are hundreds of species of lady bugs and other bugs too. There are some bugs that are very identical in looks to the lady bug, and unless one takes a closer look, it is impossible to tell.

There are very few types of lady bugs that can bite, but these are not the common varieties. So, if you encountered a lady bug in your garden, then it is the common variety. However, the garden lady bug does no have the capability to pierce through the human skin. Their antennas are not sharp enough to do that.

The mouth part of the lady bugs are only strong enough to slice open the bodies of aphids and other insects and eggs they feed on. Their mouths are fairly sharp, but they are not big enough to pierce into the thick human skin. Also, lady bugs are not known to be aggressive creatures. When you handle a lady bug, they tend to fold their legs into the body and withdraw into their hard shell. Even their wings are tucked in. This kind of behavior pattern explains that the bug's instinctive nature is to withdraw. There are some larger bugs of the same species, which are found in Asia. Even in Asia, they are found in the wilder parts. These bugs have the tendency to bite, and they are not common to North America.

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Do Ladybugs Bite People