How To Kill Leaf Miners ?  

Leaf miners are a kind of bugs that are found in our own garden. Invariably their favorite trees in the garden will be citrus trees, but they are also found on other types of trees and crop plants.

Leaf miners are pretty difficult to get rid of by just using the insecticides. As their name suggests, these insects are quite damaging to the crop and garden because they make several holes in the leaf and rob the foliage of its nutrients. Also, they limit plant growth by doing this. However, there are some simple ways which you could try to eradicate these pests from your garden.

If the plant is very small or young, then you can use a substantial amount of the pesticide, which will be lethal enough to kill the leaf miner. Pesticides that contain imidacloprid have been found to be quite effective. However, if the plant has already been infected, then this could be of no use.

Combining plants with older plants may be of some help. However, this strategy works best with gardens and not crops. Somehow leaf miners are more attracted to newer plants, and they do not usually feed on older plants. Try combining younger plants with lamb’s quarter or a velvet leaf. These kinds of plants are called companion plants, and they are quite useful when it comes to repelling leaf miners.

You can use baits that have pheromones as they will seduce the leaf miners and when they come to the trap, they are caught. You can collect them all and then drop them in a solution made from soap and water.

Bioneem is also an effective controller of leaf miners and over a period of time this has been found to be very effective.

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How To Kill Leaf Miners




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