What Do Leaf Miners Look Like ?  

A leaf miner is a larva and can belong to any type of insect like the moth, wasp and even beetle. There are several insects that feed on leaves, and the ones that feed from the inside of the leaf are called leaf miners.

Leaf miners are small white colored larvae, which get into the plant tissue and the leaf tissue and start eating it. If you take a closer look at the leaves, then you will see a small flat semi circular worm like insect inside the tissue, and it is this worm or grub which is called a leaf miner.

There are many types of leaf miners, and identifying all of them is no possible. However, the plant damage caused by all the leaf miners is very similar. That is how you can tell that it is a leaf miner infestation.

Leaf miners are usually black color flies in most cases. These flies lay eggs on the leaves, and the larvae get into the tissue and that is how they cause damage. Also, you will see yellow colored squiggly lines inside the leaf and you will notice that the leaf is turning yellow. The larvae bore their way into the leaves and that is why they are called leaf miners.

These pests are very difficult to eradicate from a garden. Even if you spray the general pesticides on the plants, it may not help several times. However, spraying pesticides in early spring helps. Usually when it comes to controlling of infestation, it totally depends on spraying of the insecticide at the right time.

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What Do Leaf Miners Look Like




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