How To Kill Squash Bugs ?  

Squash bugs are brown in color and they live by sucking out the juices and nutrients from the plants and fruits. Their favorite fruits are the pumpkin and the Hubbard squash. Squash bugs are quite easy to identify because of their color.

In order to treat a squash bug infestation, first of all makes sure that the patch is infected. Inspect the plants and leaves closely. If you find discoloration in leaves for no reason, then you can suspect a squash bug infestation. Walk around the patch and turn the leaves to see if the bugs are sitting there. Squash bug eggs are also pretty large. So, you can immediately spot them. They are usually found in clusters.

Wear a pair of gloves when you are about to get your garden rid of the squash bugs. Prepare a home made soap solution using some dish washing soap and then mixing it with water. Once you have this diluted solution, put it in a small bucket that you can carry around as you dunk the bugs into this solution.

Turn the leaves of the plant and look for bugs. The best time to do this is in early morning hours, or late in the night. During these times, squash bugs are pretty inactive and they do not move around fast. Pick out the bugs and drop them into the soap solution. The bugs will die instantly. Also, pick out the eggs and drop them into the same solution.

Keep repeating this procedure for one week at least. After a week of cleaning, you will notice that the quality of the leaves is improving gradually.

Remember, keep the bucket of soap water with the bugs in it overnight. The next day discard the dead bugs close to the patch. If there are more bugs, then they will be repelled by the dead bugs and stay clear of the vegetable patch.

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How To Kill Squash Bugs




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