Garden Tools And Antiques  

People mostly collect antiques due to their historical or aesthetic value. However, antique garden tools are durable and reliable and are in good working condition for years together. People who have been using these powerful tools treasure them due to their efficiency.

Most of the modern garden tools are made with stainless metal parts that are forged by machine. The accessories and handles are made of plastic and hence the efficiency is drastically reduced when regularly used. It is generally frustrating to work with a tool that is flimsy or dull in performance.

Fine antique garden tools were made by highly skilled blacksmiths who took great pride in crafting and these tools were efficient enough to be passed on to multiple generations. Hence, the older tools were made to last for ever! The solid hardwoods and strong metals that were used in older times are no longer in use now. In fact, if you visit museums, you would find various tools uniquely designed for the particular lifestyle that people followed them. Curved sickles, metal seed scatters, cucumber straightners, berry pickers, folding saws are some classic examples. Some of these tools are generally found in the attic or the shed. That throws light on the history and lifestyle of people during the time these tools were popular.

If you are lucky enough to find antique garden tools in your attic, shed or garage, just wipe them and take them to your local museum. You may be surprised to know their worth from the experts who inspect it.

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Garden Tools And Antiques




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