How To Replace Pick Axe Handle ?  

The pick axe is a very useful tool for the gardener. The pointed end of this tool is used to break the hardened soil or rock while the flat end is used for cleaning up the gardening area by removing the dirt. Ensure that the handle of the pick axe holds the head firmly while working. It is dangerous if the head is loose as it may slide back suddenly and injure you while you work with it.

Take off the old handle by sawing it close to the head of the axe. Now, leave the head of the axe in water overnight and then again dry it thoroughly for a day. Using pliers, remove the wedges that are present in the pick axe handle.

When you buy the new handle, check out whether there is a slit on the top. This slot is used to hammer the wooden wedges that you normally get when you purchase the new handle. These wooden wedges hold the axe head tightly when you hammer it with the handle.

Place the axe over the new handle and pound it firmly until it does not slide in any more. Hammer the wooden wedges in the slit so that the handle holds the head firmly. Then, hammer one or two steel wedges at the place where the handle is fixed to the head.

Now, take a strong wooden log and test the new handle on it. You can give few strong blows and see whether the head becomes loose. Secure it with additional wedges until it becomes firm.

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How To Replace Pick Axe Handle ?




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How To Replace Pick Axe Handle ? )
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