Chainsaw Storage Regulations  

Chainsaws last longer if you ensure that you take necessary steps to store it properly. After you have complete using your chainsaw, clean it thoroughly and remove the dirt and debris using water and also commercial cleaning solutions. Otherwise, the chain or bar will rust rapidly and the lubricants would become gummy making it very inconvenient to use it next time. What would take a few minutes if you clean immediately would take a few hours if you postpone it.

Disconnect the spark-plug from your chainsaw so that it does not accidentally turn on while you clean it. Brush off the debris at the surface of the chainsaw including the bar as well as the chain. Using a damp rag, wipe the chainsaw thoroughly and ensure that it becomes clean. Then, take another rag cloth, dab it in alcohol solution and rub it on the chainsaw again. Look out for any more dirty areas and remove the stubborn dirt that is still sticking on using this alcohol dipped rag.

Now, fill the reservoir with fresh oil to lubricate the bar and the chain. Reconnect the spark-plug and check whether the chainsaw turns on. Wait for at least a minute to ensure that the motor warms up and run for some more time so that fresh oil gets distributed all over the bar as well as chain.

Now, stop the chainsaw and allow it cool. Once it comes back to the room temperature, wrap it carefully using normal packaging paper keeping the water-resistant side facing you. Place it in a cool dry place for next use.

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Chainsaw Storage Regulations




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Chainsaw Storage Regulations )
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