How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw ?  

When you decide to fell a tree, you need to be careful about dead wood, power lines and other dangers depending on the area where the tree stands. In some cases, it may be too dangerous to cut down a tree without proper assistance and precautions.

Using a chainsaw is one of the popular methods to cut down a huge tree.

The first step is to create a notch. This is done with 2 cuts. Leaning on the tree with your left shoulder, hold the chainsaw against the trunk and start the first cut keeping it at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees. Choosing the angle is one of the most important steps as it will determine the direction in which the tree will finally fall.

In most chainsaws, the handle would be at right angles to the bar. So, you can keep the handle as reference to determine the angle of your first cut. Cut into the tree by keeping the bar in its horizontal position. The next notch cut is also done in the same position in the same manner. These two cuts should not overlap. The width of the notch should be 1/3 the width of the trunk with a flat bottom. Otherwise, the direction of the tree would change while it falls.

The next step is to create a hinge of 1 or 2 inch depending on the thickness of the tree. Next, do the back-cut leaving an inch above and below the hinge. Drill horizontally keeping the notch cuts as reference. While you cut into the tree, the bar should follow the hinge’s front and should be parallel to the notch’s front. Once you are more than half way through, repeat the procedure at the other side of the tree leaving a small bit holding it until you are ready to drop the tree. Then push it in the direction where you want it to fall.

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How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw ?




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How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw ? )
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