How To Replace Chainsaw Chain ?  

Chainsaws are primarily used for felling trees in busy areas as it helps in setting the direction of the fall of the tree. Otherwise, it is used in forests, yards or farms for cutting wood or clearing fallen trees after lightning, thunder or storm.

The bar, chain, sprocket and motor are the main parts of the chain saw. The rotating chain helps in cutting the wood and hence has to be lubricated well in order to prevent wear and tear. This is because the chainsaw generates lot of heat while operating.

However, the chains may get bent, deformed, chipped or frayed over time. Otherwise, it may lose sharpness and hence, the efficiency of the tool drastically comes down. In this case, you can replace the chain with a new one or remove the existing chain and sharpen it yourself or by contacting a professional.

In order to remove the chain from the chainsaw, remove dirt and debris especially in the area where the chain enters into the bar. You would see some fasteners and screws here that need to be removed first. Locate the adjusting screw found at that point where the bar enters the chainsaw’s body and loosen it.

Then, remove the retaining screws that you find outside the chain saw housing. Remove the big nuts at the bar base in order to separate the housing. You would see that the whole chain is fit in a groove and looped around the sprocket that turns the chain while you operate.

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How To Replace Chainsaw Chain ?




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How To Replace Chainsaw Chain ? )
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