Best garden hose nozzle - How to repair garden hose leak ?

Best Garden Hose Nozzle

Garden hose nozzles are used for watering you garden and lawn. Based on the nature of your garden, you can select different spraying nozzles like mist, shower, power wash or even soak. The nozzles come in different shapes – round, cylindrical or even pistol shaped.


If you have a smaller garden area, you can buy the basic model. Otherwise, it is worth investing on a higher end garden hose nozzle that enables you to set a variety of configurations.

Some of the recommended and reputed brands that have become popular among the customers due to the workmanship and the durability of the tool are Dramm, Melnor, Bon-Air Industries, Orbit and Gardena.More...



How To Repair Garden Hose Leak ?

How To Repair Garden Hose Leak ?

The garden hose is one of the most useful and also the most neglected of the common garden tools we use. Leaking of the garden hose is a very common problem, but it is quite easy to fix it.

For this, you need to first find out the part of the hose which leaks. Attach the hose to the spray nozzle and then turn the water on. When the pressure builds up at the nozzle, you can see the location of the leakage easily. Mark this point using a permanent marker and decide whether center repair or end repair is suitable based on the point of the leakage. Then using appropriate scissors or knife cut the damaged part of the hose.More...