How A Lawn Mower Engine Works ?  

A lawnmower engine works in the similar principle as that of a car combustion system. An engine of a lawnmower consists of a spark plug, fuel tank and necessary air plugs. The starter of the engine is responsible for staring up the machine. The pull chord, flywheel and the clutch together makes up the starter. Once the operator pulls the pull chord, it engages the clutch situated inside the mower. This clutch is responsible for spinning the mower which permits the air and fuel inside the combustion chamber and subsequently the spark pug to cause fire.

There are few models of lawnmower which are powered by gas. Such engines have a carburetor that is responsible for mixing of air and fuel. A throttle is fixed to the carburetor. In this type of model, the operator has to push a button to “prime” the fuel before the starting cord is pulled. This button enables very tiny amount of fuel to enter inside the float chamber of the carburetor.

In case of requirement of additional amount of fuel during winters, the function of choke comes into play. This permits more amount of fuel and less amount of air to get inside the combustion chamber. Once the spark plug fires up, the combustion takes place inside the engine’s piston region. This piston is made to compress the air and fuel on the up stroke. For those models which possess four stroke engine, the firing in the spark plug takes place when the piston strokes up. Once the combustion completes, the crankshaft then moves and helps in the rotation of the blades.

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How A Lawn Mower Engine Works ?




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How A Lawn Mower Engine Works ? )
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