How To Repair Lawn Mower ?  

A lawn manages to look good and neat with the help of a lawnmower. Investing in a lawnmower is not an easy thing. There are various brands available in the market that come with high price tags. Since buying new lawnmowers quite often is not possible, therefore it is prudent to take care of this expensive yet important garden equipment.

Lawnmowers due to their extensive use might give some problems. Each time calling a professional to fix the problem is again a recurring expenditure. Therefore, it is important to learn few techniques to repair simple problems on your own.

Often you would have noticed that the lawn mower does not start up after it has been put out of use for quite some time. The reason could be that you would have forgotten to drain out the gas. The gas when kept for a long time without being used tends to smell and turn bad. To check the gas, sprinkle small amount of gas into the carburetor or alternatively spray a small amount of carburetor cleaner into this gas. If carburetor ends up making a popping noise, then it is the time to change the gas. When you replace the gas with the new gas, spray some dry gas. This will remove the rest of the water in the gas tank.

Another common problem with lawnmowers is that sometimes they start up very slowly, runs in an awkward manner and finally halt. This could be because of some problem in the engine which is not receiving sufficient air. To overcome such a problem, change or clean the air filters.

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How To Repair Lawn Mower ?




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How To Repair Lawn Mower ? )
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