How Does A Lawn Sweeper Work ?  

During fall it is very difficult to maintain a lawn with all the leaves falling from the trees. A lawn sweeper can be of great help to remove these fallen dry leaves. It is a special garden tool that can be connected to a lawn rider to remove large amounts of dry leaves in the garden. These leaves are collected in an easy to use basket.

This sweeper comprises of a large brush, an axel, 2 wheels and a large basket. A rope is fixed to the top of the hopper for emptying the machine. A lawn sweeper is mainly used for commercial purposes. However, if you are in possession of a large lawn, which is difficult to maintain all by yourself, then you can easily opt for it.

The function of a lawn sweeper is extremely simple. A long arm made of metal is fixed to the hitch of the lawn mower and it is locked in the place with a hitch pin. This metal arm is connected to the body of the lawn sweeper. You will see an axel along with two wheels connected to the bottom part of the body. The most important part of the sweeper is the brush, which is situated at the center of the frame exactly in front of the wheels. The height of this brush can be adjusted with the help of a small lever. The back portion of the lawn sweeper contains the hopper that is utilized for collecting the leaves and other small debris. This machine works with a principle of brush mechanism that throws the collected leaves and debris into the basket.

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How Does A Lawn Sweeper Work ?




Lawn-Sweeper-Reviews      A lawn mower is quite a common term that each one of us would have heard of. But what is a lawn sweeper? Very few people would know that such a device exists. Well, it is a wonder garden equipment that helps in sweeping away dry leaves and debris that get collected on top of the lawn grass during fall. It is especially used for lawns that cover very large areas. More..




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How Does A Lawn Sweeper Work ? )
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