Best Gas Leaf Blower  

Are you tired of clearing those nagging dumps of leaves in your lawn? You must be. Well, perhaps you are not aware that there is a wonder tool which can get rid of those dry and fallen leaves in just a few minutes. Yes, we are talking about the leaf blower.

A lawn mower along with a gas leaf blower is the perfect solution for your garden and lawn. A gas leaf blower works on the simple premise of blowing high speed fans that blow away dry leaves with the help of attached ducts and pipes.

The best gas leaf blower would have a speed of about two hundred mph. There are basically two varieties of blowers available. The basic model has only the blowing function, while the advanced model has both the blowing and vacuuming functions. In the advanced model, there is an additional facility of vacuum wherein the leaves can be sucked in, crushed and bagged in a separate basket.

Leaf blowers can be powered in two ways. One is using electricity and the other one using gasoline. The former has less power and is suitable for household purposes. The latter is suitable for large areas and it is bit noisy.

The gas leaf blower has certain parameters which suggest its efficiency. The first parameter to look for is the cubic feet per minute. This particular specification will measure the power of the vacuum. Usually this varies form 300 CFM to 600 CFM. The second parameter is the MPH implying miles per hour. This specification gives the velocity of the air output. The maximum velocity should be about 200 mph. Decibel level is another such parameter which determines the noise level. One can tolerate up to 65 decibels of noise. These are the features you should look for if you are in the market for best gas leaf blower.

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Best Gas Leaf Blower




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