How To Fix A Leaf Blower ?  

A leaf blower works on the basic principle of blowing high speed air to suck in the dry leaves. There is no complex mechanical machinery in this tool. Therefore, fixing a problem in this tool is not a big deal.

Leaf blowers can be back-pack type, hand-held motor driven type or simply an engine- driven type. In order to find out the problem, first of all check the impeller. It looks quite similar to a propeller blade that creates wind all around an airplane. When this impeller pulls air into the unit and blows it via the blower tube, airflow is created. Therefore, if the impeller becomes faulty, it will not be able to create any wind. Hence, it should be repaired first. Sometimes, you would notice that the blower is vibrating. This happens when the blower fasteners become loose. By tightening them with a screw driver you can avert this problem. At times, you may require changing the impeller. For doing this wear gloves and with the help of a socket wrench, you can simply draw it away.

If you are using an electric powered device, then you should check the power outlet for its proper functioning. If that is alright, then there could be some problem in the power cord. And sometimes, there could be also problem in the switch or the motor itself. The gas powered devices should be checked for gas level in the tank occasionally.

Also, keep checking the vacuum tubes in between. Sometimes these tubes get blocked due to accumulation of leaves and debris. Open the tubes and clear out the material that is clogging them.

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How To Fix A Leaf Blower ?




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How To Fix A Leaf Blower ? )
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