How To Repair A Shovel ?  

Without shovel one cannot think of maintaining a garden or any lawn. Every household would have been in possession of a shovel. Sometimes, due to negligence, the handle of the shovels tends to break. The first thing you need to do is fix the handle of the shovel by replacing it with a new one. While it might seem to be very easy to fix a shovel handle, it may not be so. You need to adhere to certain steps in order to it perfectly.

First of all, take safety into account and don on gloves and goggles. The part of the shovel that fixes properly around the handle is termed as the neck of the shovel. Place this portion onto a workbench with the head facing towards the ceiling. Clamp it tightly to the neck. With the help of a grinding wheel, drill the head off the nails. Using the right size punch on the top of the rivet portion, tap the bottom of the punch with the help of a hammer into the broken handle.

Drag out the balance part of the handle from the shovel head. Take out all kinds of debris from the neck of the shovel. Now, place the new handle into the neck of the shovel head. See if there is any wood grain on the handle. You have to now rotate the handle again and again till the bigger circular rings of the wood grains fall on the sides and the straighter narrow wood grains assembles in the front and the back of the shovel.

With this, you are done with repairing your shovel.

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How To Repair A Shovel ?




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How To Repair A Shovel ? )
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