Best Electric String Trimmer  

String trimmers are the best tools for trimming weeds and remaining grass after they have been mowed. This tool consists of nylon strings which spins at a very fast speed and helps in spinning out the unwanted weeds and leftovers. Let us see some of the best varieties of electric string trimmer.

If you are looking for a light weight and cheap electric trimmers, then Homelite UT41110 is the best option. This is a simple trimmer that aims to give a finished look to a home grown lawn. Its telescoping shaft provides its user with a facility of adjusting it according to their needs. It uses a power cord and, therefore, its range is limited. The power is supplied by a four amp motor further limiting its capacity.

Keeping the users in mind, another string trimmer is quite popular with a brand name Worx GTWG 151. It consists of an adjustable tilting cutting head. The head can be adjusted for various angles that enables easy trimming. It can be started very easily and produces less noise. It gets its power from lithium battery, which makes it light weight and easy to carry. The running time is, however, not more than fifteen minutes at one go.

Yards and lawns that need more power to remove the nasty weeds would require trimmers that deliver more power. For such purposes, the Black & Decker NST2036 model is ideal. It has 36 volts battery, which naturally gives more as compared to the usual 18 volt battery operated trimmers. It can be even compared to any gas powered propane model. Its variable speed and gear transmission helps in cutting the weeds and trimming easier.

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Best Electric String Trimmer




How-To-Wind-A-String-Trimmer      String trimmer is a multifunctional garden tool that helps in number of activities such as trimming, pruning, leveling garden edges, blowing and cleaning, and it also helps in cultivation. It saves lot of time. The markets are flooded with variety of string trimmers, and out of which the most common types are those powered by gas. Electric string trimmers are light weight and cordless. Therefore, they can be found useful for small lawns and gardens. More..




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