Which String Trimmer Should I Buy  

String trimmers can be of great help for maintaining your garden and lawn. There are various kinds of string trimmers available in the market. Sometimes, choosing the right one becomes quite difficult.

String trimmers can be classified into two varieties electric and gas trimmers. The electric string trimmers can be either corded or cordless. String trimmers that are powered by gas have more power and, hence, these are ideal for large areas and places where the grass is thick.

Before buying a string trimmer, first observe your lawn and yard carefully. Measure the total area along with the flower beds, trees, patio and the walkways. After this, find out how much time it would take in total to trim this entire area. If it is manageable, then electric trimmer would be ideal. Electric trimmers that are corded have certain limitations of the area that they can cover. Therefore, if the area is comparatively more, then a cordless electric trimmer would be the best thing to buy. These trimmers make very little noise. The only shortcoming they have is their running time. Since they operate on batteries, the trimmers can run continuously for a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes. You will need to charge between extended use.

When your lawn covers large area, then gas trimmers are ideal. Before investing in a gas string trimmer, you must compare the weights of each of these gas trimmers. A two cycle gas trimmer is lighter than a four cycle gas trimmer. While the four cycle gas trimmer gives lot of power and makes trimming easier, but due to its heavy weight, it is difficult to carry for a long period of time. A gas trimmer having a clutch is better. When the trimmer is idle, the engine remains idle because the contact from the clutch releases. A curved shaft trimmer is on the other hand more comfortable than straight shaft trimmer.

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Which String Trimmer Should I Buy




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