Chinese Herbs To Lower Cholesterol  

There are several remedies and cures for cholesterol, including drugs like lipitor. Once you discover that you have cholesterol you should immediately aim at reducing the levels of it and this can only be done by leading a stress free life, healthy food and diet and also exercising.

Among the available treatments, Chinese herbs are also known well to work on people with cholesterol. It helps to lower the bad cholesterol and also prevent from forming them again. However, no matter what medication a person is taking, they have to follow a healthy diet and also exercise regularly. However, when it comes to Chinese medicine, the prescription of herbs is dependent on the type of cholesterol you have.

Shan Zha is the hawthorn fruit that can effectively lower cholesterol considerably. Myrrh also has an active ingredient that helps in lowering cholesterol. The herb also works on liver receptors and makes sure that the metabolism is increased to lower the levels.

Garlic, also known as Da suan, is very efficient in lowering the cholesterol levels. It can be eaten raw or also added in food items and having six to eight cloves of garlic everyday is very beneficial for health. Cassia seeds, also known as Jue Ming Zi, can lower cholesterol and bring it down to normal limits. Fleece flower or He Shou Wu can reduce the serum cholesterol and also bring the blood statistics to normal.

Herbal medications are usually considered safe and they seldom have any side effects. However, a person also needs to consult a regular doctor in order to be safe.

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Chinese Herbs To Lower Cholesterol




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