Japan Herbs  

Every ancient culture in the world has been using herbs and spices. Some of them have been used extensively to make medications for various disorders and many of them are used in our daily cooking. Just like most of the ancient cultures even the Japanese used them extensively. They used it to make medicines and also garnish food.

Japanese have a tradition of eating small and measured quantities and also they eat healthy. Very rarely would you find a certain Japanese dish to be unhealthy. In ancient Japan, roots and leaves of trees were used widely for making antidotes, medications and even flavor food. The bark of Kihada is one of the oldest tree barks used for making drugs. It is a very good anti diarrhea medicine and is even used in modern medicine today.

Japanese herbs are very strong and unlike any other country herbal medications are sold in a strictly controlled environment here. There were several books written on Japan's pharmacy preparations and also uses of various herbs and plants. Even today these books have been preserved and are used to gain knowledge of herbs and plants of Japan.

There are nearly 365 important Japanese herbs mentioned in the oldest pharmaceutical book which is dated to be more than 5000 years old. Japanese herbs are mainly classified based on their purpose of use. Some are classified as medicinal and their curative properties are listed. Some herbs are classified as poisonous and so can be used only in small quantities. Some carry high flavor so they are listed for culinary uses also. 

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Japan Herbs




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