Planting Herbs In A Stawberry Pot  

Strawberry plants are mid sized plants which can grow like a bush but they do not spread out to become very large. It is possible to grow strawberries in slightly biggish pots. In order to plant some herbs in a strawberry pot, you will need a strawberry pot, some mix and plants. Also, get some time release based fertilizers.

Some gardeners also sell strawberry pots and these can be are really light weight. It is essential that the pots have a hole at the bottom for drainage. The drainage in the pot can also be controlled using the lip for a pot. It is great to save the soil also from getting drained. Strawberry pots are little different from the others because they have several holes on the sides also. So it will be a messy affair to fill the soil into the pot. When you start planting strawberry plants go slow and start small.

The smaller the plant, the better the maintenance will be. Also, get a good quality drainage mix for the plant. Strawberry plants are slow to grow initially and it can be a really challenging affair to make the plant survive. Initially it could need a lot of attention from you. If the mix that you use is light weight, then water will be distributed evenly in the pot. This will mean that the plant is well watered, and you can do with less soil drainage at the end. Also, since the pot is something that can be kept indoors, you may not want to use any organic mix as they tend to smell badly after some time.

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Planting Herbs In A Stawberry Pot




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Planting Herbs In A Stawberry Pot )
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