Why Use Herbs And Spices In Cooking ?  

Herbs and spices are naturally growing, leaves, barks and roots that can add distinct flavor to the food. There are several uses of herbs and spices in this world. In ancient times they were mainly used as medicines and various medicines for many ailments were prepared from them. Ancient cultures also used herbs and spices in their everyday life in their cooking because they thought that a little bit of antidote or a medicine taken everyday will keep them healthy for a longer period of time.

Also, adding herbs and spices only makes the food tastier. Several different cultures across the world like Chinese, Japanese, and Indians used these various herbs in their cooking.

These days most of the foods are prepared using artificial flavors and color essence. These can have long term effects on our body and even the preservatives used in they food can cause cancer as per research. Herbs and spices can be used instead because they are not only natural preservatives but also add flavor to the food naturally. They smell best when freshly cooked but they also preserve the flavor of the food. More and more researches show that it is better to eat freshly cooked food rather than have stale food or stored food. It helps to maintain our health better. There are absolutely no disadvantages to using herbs and spices in the food that we eat and only have more health benefits. Also, bitter herbs are considered to be healthier than the usual ones. Cinnamon and nutmeg are all considered to be bitter herbs including ginger and garlic.

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Why Use Herbs And Spices In Cooking




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Why Use Herbs And Spices In Cooking ? )
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