How To Grow Bay Leaves ?

How To Grow Bay Leaves ?

Bay leaf is a widely used herb in stews, soups and meat preparations. Several cultures across the world use it in their cooking. Bay leafs belong to the laurel family and grows all over the world. It grows in Mediterranean regions, Europe, America Asia and Asia Minor. It is actually a native of Asia Minor and later spread to several other regions.

The Bay leaf plant is a sub tropical plant and it can grow well in tropical weathers. The best way to grow it is purchase a moderately grown plant from a store and start with it.

Growing it by grafting it or from a seed is an extremely challenging task. If you have plenty of sunlight, then you should leave the pot with the bay leaf plant outdoors as much as possible. When it receives ample sunlight, it will grow very fast. In winters, you might have to move it indoors to protect it from the harsh cold. Frost will kill the plant so take additional precautions. The soil has to be well drained for the plant and also the Bay leaf pot has to be fertilized at least twice a year. You may choose to use compost which is a good idea. When you finish watering, leave the tree in sunlight so that all the excess water can get drained. Stagnant water should never be there in the pot. The roots of the bay leaf plant can rot very easily. Fresh Bay leaves can also be used in cooking but it has a much stronger smell than dried bay leaves.

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How To Grow Bay Leaves