What Do Poppy Seeds Look Like ?  

Poppy is one of the flowering plants and also poppy seeds are used for various purposes. Poppy flowers look very cute and they are small and colorful. Poppy seeds come in various varieties and some are even used to make opium.

Poppy flowers typically have four or six petals and they can actually come in any color. Usually they are bright and lively colors. Poppy seeds that are used to make tea and decoctions, and also used in culinary purposes are very small in appearance. They are too tiny to examine one single seed. Usually you will need to hold a bunch of seeds in your palm to get an idea of the appearance of the seeds. Poppy seeds are available everywhere and in all kinds of stores. People all over the world use them for various purposes.

While planting poppy seeds you should take care that you put in a few seeds in one spot and leave some gap and then plant the next bunch of seeds. That way the plants are spaced out. Also, once the plant grows you can transplant them a bit far away from each other. Poppy seeds are worth sowing because of their colorful flowers. If you want to consume poppy seeds, you need to make sure that they are well cooked or roasted. Even before grinding them into a powder you will need to roast the poppy seeds until they are red in color. Roasted poppy seeds have a crunchy and nutty taste.

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What Do Poppy Seeds Look Like




When-To-Plant-Poppy-Seeds      If you want to grow a poppy plant, it is mostly for ornamental reasons. Poppy flowers are very pretty to look at and they decorate your garden well. Poppy flowers come in brilliant colors and they make very good decoration for your garden. Poppy plants are also fairly easy to grow. Poppy needs a lot of sun light and loosely packed soil. It also needs regular watering in order to grow well. More..




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