Rooting aloe vera plant - How to care for aloe vera plant - How to grow aloe vera plant?

How To Care For Aloe Vera Plant ?

Growing aloe vera in the house as an indoor plant is not too difficult. Although aloe vera plants possess approximately 95 percent of water and are prone to frost spoil, even then little care from your side will enable you to grow these plants at home.

How To Care For Aloe Vera Plant

In order to grow any plant at home, you need to keep in mind five important aspects like size of the container, quality of soil, location of the container, water, and fertilizers. Let us discuss each of them in detail to know how best these can be utilized for getting good results.

Size of the container - Pot selected should be wide enough and deep from inside to hold the roots of the aloe vera plants properly from the shallow. The container must have a hole in the bottom to enable drainage of water sufficiently.More...


How To Grow Aloe Vera Plant ?

How To Grow Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera plant is a semitropical and succulent plant and hence, while planting an aloe vera plant, one must keep in mind that it should be grown in a place where there is enough sunshine coverage. Whether planting it outdoor or indoor, make sure that there is good drainage. In winters, these plants can be placed in the greenhouse. Soil is the next important factor you must consider. Aloe vera plants thrive very well in soil that is a mixture of sand, compost and gravels.

When growing this plant indoor, the size of the pot should be big enough, especially width wise. An ideal pot would be one having a diameter of approximately eighteen inches. If you select a big sized pot, it will give the plant a scope to grow well and attain its full size. While growing the plant in the greenhouse, you have to cover the top with a glass frame to save the plant from severe cold.More...


Rooting Aloe Vera Plant

Rooting Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe vera plant belongs to the lily family. and it is succulent. To begin a new plant, one can replant an offshoot which is known as a pup. A pup can be extracted from the base of an already existing plant. One more way of beginning a new aloe vera plant is by cutting a stem of an existing plant and then putting it in a pot for planting. Having done that, follow the methods given below.

Rooting Aloe Vera Plant:

  • The newly cut stem should be kept in a shaded place for at least two to seven days. Placing it in such a place will allow the wounded area to dry and heal.
  • Then get hold of a deep container having holes at the bottom. Fill this container with soil that is mixed with sand and perlite.
  • Gently place the cutting in the soil, about three to four inches in length. The cutting should be placed in a manner so, that it can stand on its own. The cutting should be placed in the similar way as it was growing in the original plant and not in upside down direction. More...


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