Asparagus And Cancer  

Asparagus is a vegetable that has very low saturated fats, cholesterol and possess very high fiber content, folic acid, potassium and variety of vitamins. It also has minimal Glycemic index, which makes it quite useful for people suffering from diabetes.

Asparagus is the only vegetable that contains Glutathione. It is an antioxidant that is found in the body and is known to fight diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. One cannot say that asparagus can cure cancer, but is does assist in producing Glutathione levels and may help in further clearing the toxins. There are reports which further support that consumption of asparagus has helped in curing various types of cancers like cancer of the lymph gland, bladder cancer, lung cancer and even skin cancer. Well, these reports are, however, based on claimed results and there are no reasons to support such statements. The actual reason for using asparagus for treatment is the presence of the antioxidants.

‘Cancer’ the word itself brings shivers. The reason is cure for this disease is still not well acclaimed. Though many people have been cured after being detected with cancer, still the exact reason for survivability is not known. Some survive magically via natural means, and one of these natural means is the consumption of asparagus. There have been rumors relating to cancer and asparagus. Many rumors say that asparagus has the ability to cure cancer, and has worked effectively to save innumerable lives. It is possible that asparagus can enhance the production of Glutathione which, in turn, can help in reducing the growth of abnormal cancerous cells. If this can be achieved, then a lot can be done to treat or cure cancer.

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Asparagus And Cancer




Asparagus-Growing-Conditions      Asparagus a costly vegetable is a perennial and is quite easy to grow. An asparagus beds can remain for about fifteen to twenty years. With just little care on your part, it would yield excellent asparagus right there in your nursery, and you would not need to search this humble expensive veggie in the greengrocer anymore. More..




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Asparagus And Cancer )
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