How Long Do You Cook Asparagus ?  

Did you know that asparagus has many medicinal properties? Perhaps that is the reason why it comes with such a huge price tag. Asparagus are available with the green grocer as fresh vegetables in green, white and purple colors. Most people prefer to use the green asparagus because of its high nutritional value.

While many people buy asparagus knowing its medicinal values, but several of them do not know how to cook them. You would be surprised to know that these can be added in salads, pizzas, soups and pasta. You may also eat them steamed. They are delicious any way you cook them.

How long would it take to cook asparagus depends on the method of cooking. Asparagus can be micro waved, boiled, steamed, deep fried, roasted or simply used raw in salads. When you are microwaving it, place the stems in a microwave safe dish. Add some water, about one-fourth of a cup, and cover it with a lid. Then cook it for about seven minutes. If you are using chopped asparagus, five minutes should be enough.

When you plan to cook asparagus in a stove using a pan, you need to first cut them and fill the pan with water. Put the pan on the stove and let it boil for about six minutes. Once the asparagus turns soft, drain out the excess water and place the asparagus in a plate. Spread some salt and pepper over it and serve hot.

For cooking asparagus in an oven, first pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a tray and rub it with some oil. Place the asparagus it with some pepper, garlic and salt. This mixture should be then cooked for about ten minutes. Those who wish to give caramelize look can cook further for about five minutes.

From all the above cooking method, we can say that asparagus needs on an average five minutes to cook.

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How Long Do You Cook Asparagus




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