How To Season Asparagus ?  

Asparagus can be cooked in various methods like steaming, boiling, grilling or roasting. The best option to cook asparagus is in the microwave. Before actually cooking asparagus, you must wash them thoroughly and clean it to remove all kinds of sand and dirt. After cleaning, pat them dry with a clean soft kitchen towel. Take a kitchen knife and cut the asparagus in sections. These asparagus sections can be either stir fried or blanched for using in vegetable dips. For most of the people, the delicacy is steamed asparagus mixed with butter, salt and pepper.

Actually speaking there is no special way of seasoning an asparagus. You can use the most common methods of seasoning, like lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and butter. The various methods of cooking will change the taste accordingly.

Steaming is the easiest way of cooking an asparagus. You can steam it either in a steamer basket or in a sauce pan. After steaming keep them aside on a platter and season them with olive oil, salt and pepper. You may add few drops of lemon juice if you want to have a sour taste. Even vinegar would taste good.

There are many who prefer to boil asparagus. This is also a good method of cooking as it retains all its nutritional value. If the size of the asparagus is medium, then it should not take more than 5 to 6 minutes to boil them. Even boiled asparagus can be seasoned with olive oil or butter, crushed garlic and salt.

Those, who want to have a crispy and smoky flavor in asparagus, might as well try the grilling method of cooking. For this, put the asparagus on the fire directly or in skewers. The time for grilling could be anywhere between six seconds to ten minutes, depending on how you would like to eat them. The grilled asparagus can be seasoned with a mix of lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper.

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How To Season Asparagus




Nutrients-In-Asparagus      Needless to say that asparagus is an excellent source of a number of essential nutrients and that’s the reason people prefer to eat them regularly. Not only it contains variety of vitamins and minerals it also has high dietary fiber and it is quite popular for its anti-oxidant nature and anti-carcinogenic qualities. More..




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