Benefits Of Basil Oil  

Basil is a kind of herb that has been in use since ages due to its medicinal values. Basil oil not only strengthens heart and mind but also protects from various diseases. Basil comes from the family of mint and is termed as royal oil. In India, basil is commonly known as tulsi. It is used as the common remedy for different types of ailments. Basil leaves has been found quite useful in Ayurveda for treatment of various kinds of respiratory diseases such as colds, coughs, bronchitis and people of India even worship it as a sacred plant.

People of China also use basil plants for its medicinal properties. Basil leaves have been used since ages for remedy against epilepsy. A Greek physician used basil plant for treating headaches and during the First World War, basil became quite popular because of the scarcity of spices.

The oil from the basil herb is extracted by the process of distillation of the entire  flowering herb. This process of extraction produces a transparent fluid which is very thin and looks light lemony or yellowish green in color. It gives a sweet and fresh aroma. It has a slight spicy flavor with an undertone which is little balsamic. This flavor and aroma of basil are due to the presence of eugenol that is also present in clove and allspice, methyl chavicol which is present in tarragon too, and linalool that is also seen in lavender and clary sage.

Nowadays basil oils are used in aromatherapy for keeping the mind and heart cheerful. Basil oils helps in energizing and the sweet aroma relives depression. Basil essential oil has neuro-regulatory properties which help in treating anxiety, stress and nervous disorders.

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Benefits Of Basil Oil




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