How To Plant Basil In Pots ?  

Basil plants come in almost forty varieties. The most common of them is the sweet basil. Basil is used best while it is fresh. When dried, it tends to lose a little bit of its flavor. Basil prefers warm climates and cannot tolerate cold weather. Most of the varieties are grown annually except for African Blue and Holy Thai which can be grown as perennials in climates that are milder.

Basil can either grow from seedlings or from cuttings. Sometimes one can also grow basil plants from small plants that are available in all nurseries. Basil plants can grow well when they are transplanted from small plants in pots. But, if you want to begin with a seed, then choose 2-3 inches peat and plastic pots or coconut coir, and fill it with a slight potting soil or seed beginning mixture that is available in most nurseries. See the packet of the seedlings and plant it in a depth that has been recommended. If the package does not carry recommendation, then you can safely plant it at about quarter-inch deep. The soil should be damped and moistened but you should never over water the soil. The next step is to keep the pot in a place where there is sufficient sunlight and possess warm condition.

Once you notice true leaves in the newly planted basil plant, you can transplant them. After transplantation keep the pot indoors, or if you are keeping it outdoors, the area should be protected from all the possible dangers of frost or extreme heat.

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How To Plant Basil In Pots




How-To-Preserve-Fresh-Basil      Basil leaves are quite useful. These are used for adding flavor in cuisine and also used as medicinal herbs. We can find enough basil leaves during summers because these plants grow well in warm climates but during winters it is difficult to get basil leaves. Therefore, if you do not want to run out of stock, you should preserve them when they are abundant. More..




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