Where Is Basil Grown ?  

Basil plants require lot of sunshine. The best place to plant them is outdoors especially an area that is comparatively warmer. But while planting them outdoors take care that they should be protected from winds. If you are planting them in colder regions, planting them in containers or pots would be appropriate. Basil plants would need sunshine of at least six to eight hours for best results.

In northern areas with cooler climates, people recommend to begin basil plants indoors. Basil plants always prefer warm climates. The small plants should be reached in gardens only when the plants have become hard enough and the temperature at night has reached about 50 degree Fahrenheit. You have another option of sowing the basil seeds directly in the soil outside provided the temperature outside is comparatively warmer so that seeds can withstand them well and germinate as early as possible.

It is always better to first sow the seeds in a pot that has warm soil. The pot should have holes in the bottom so, that water can be drained out well. The seeds can be sowed in the month of April. Moisten the soil a day before sowing the seed. Place the pot in an appropriate location where sunlight is just enough and put the pot in a shallow dish containing water. Such an arrangement will give moisture to the plant. After about two weeks you would probably be noticing three to four true leaves. Once these are seen you can carefully transplant them in your chosen area.

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Where Is Basil Grown




Benefits-Of-Basil-Oil      Basil is a kind of herb that has been in use since ages due to its medicinal values. Basil oil not only strengthens heart and mind but also protects from various diseases. Basil comes from the family of mint and is termed as royal oil. In India, basil is commonly known as tulsi. It is used as the common remedy for different types of ailments. Basil leaves has been found quite useful in Ayurveda for treatment of various kinds of respiratory diseases such as colds, coughs, bronchitis and people of India even worship it as a sacred plant. More..




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Where Is Basil Grown ? )
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