How to plant basil in pots? - How to dry basil? - How to harvest basil?

Benefits Of Holy Basil Tea

Holy basil tea actually was made in ancient India some thousands of years ago. It is known for its anti-oxidant and adaptogenic properties. These properties further boost up immune system minimizes stress and promotes mental strength. In India, holy basil plant is considered as a sacred herb that has various healing properties and health advantages.More...

Where Is Basil Grown ?

Where Is Basil Grown

Basil plants require lot of sunshine. The best place to plant them is outdoors especially an area that is comparatively warmer. But while planting them outdoors take care that they should be protected from winds. If you are planting them in colder regions, planting them in containers or pots would be appropriate. Basil plants would need sunshine of at least six to eight hours for best results.More...


How To Grow Sweet Basil ?

How To Grow Sweet Basil

Sweet basil is one of those herbs that thrive well in climates that are hot and humid. This plant requires enough sunshine and a good quality soil. In warm climates, sweet basil grows as perennial throughout the year. In the colder regions, it grows annually, and is at its best during the summers.More...


How To Plant Basil In Pots ?

How To Plant Basil In Pots

Basil plants come in almost forty varieties. The most common of them is the sweet basil. Basil is used best while it is fresh. When dried, it tends to lose a little bit of its flavor. Basil prefers warm climates and cannot tolerate cold weather. Most of the varieties are grown annually except for African Blue and Holy Thai which can be grown as perennials in climates that are milder.More...


How To Harvest Basil ?

How To Harvest Basil

Basil herb is quite popular in preparation of many delicious cuisines. Not only it is used in various cuisines to add flavor, but also it is used as a medicinal herb to treat different kinds of diseases. It is very important to note that proper harvesting determines the quality of basil that we would be using. A basil plant should only be harvested after it has grown to its full potential.More...


How To Store Fresh Basil ?

How To Store Fresh Basil

Basil is a delicious herb with strong pungent flavor. It is quite popular among most of the delicate cuisines. Most of us would like to have them readily available in hands while cooking. But sometimes, not getting the fresh ones could be quite disappointing for those who are used to eat the fresh ones. Therefore, it is always advisable to store fresh basil always when you have them in abundance. Storing fresh basil is not at all a cumbersome process and you can do it with very ease.More...


How To Dry Basil ?

How To Dry Basil

Basil can be a wonderful herb for adding in variety of dishes to increase the taste and flavor. It can also be served as an appetizer. Basil is quite a useful herb and hence, is always in demand. Those who have basil growing in their gardens can store them in various ways, so that they can use them in out of season also.More...


How To Preserve Fresh Basil ?

How To Preserve Fresh Basil

Basil leaves are quite useful. These are used for adding flavor in cuisine and also used as medicinal herbs. We can find enough basil leaves during summers because these plants grow well in warm climates but during winters it is difficult to get basil leaves. Therefore, if you do not want to run out of stock, you should preserve them when they are abundant.More...


Can You Freeze Basil ?

Can You Freeze Basil

Basil has a strong aroma and flavor. It is commonly used in many Italian dishes, such as tomato sauce for pasta, mozzarella and tomato salad, and pesto, where fresh basil leaves are used. Many people prefer to grow basil plant in their gardens. One can also purchase fresh basil from stores. However, during winters these become scarce, and then you have to be dependent on frozen basil leaves.More...


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