Apple Juice Vs Apple Cider  

As the names suggest, both apple cider and apple juice are extracted from apples. Apple juice is only made from those kinds of apples which can turn into juice in a fast and short period of time. On the other hand, apple cider is made using any kind of apple but in an apple press. Using a grape press that is used to make wine is also not a wise choice for making apple cider.

Commercial apple juice goes through several processes and it is made it in the purest form. They have to be filtered again and again so that only the juice remains as an extract in them. They are also later mixed with preservatives and color, so that they get a rich texture. Apple juice is sold in its fresh form so they add some potassium to prevent it from fermenting.

Apple cider is made from a more traditional process. It is not the freshest form of apple juice, and also can be fermented with age. There are two different kinds of cider one is the hard apple cider, which is considered as a good alternative for beer and the other soft cider which is a substitute for apple juice. The soft apple cider is also added with potassium to prevent fermenting but not the hard cider. It is meant to be an alcoholic so it is allowed to ferment for some time. For the hard apple cider to ferment, yeast is added but actually it has no alcohol in it. Hard ciders are sold commercially in smaller cans.

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Apple Juice Vs Apple Cider




Benefit-Of-Drinking-Apple-Cider-Vinegar      When it comes to curing common ailments, different people from different cultures have and follow various home remedies. Equally there are several tried and tested methods that work on us actually. For example, when one has a cough we have ginger concoction or doctor's brandy because they are soothing and also help to heal the throat faster. However, they are very awful to taste. So, one might wonder what benefits apple cider has really for us and for what purposes can we use them. More..




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