Best American Cider  

Ciders are made from different fruits including pineapple, apple and grape. One of the most popular forms of ciders is the apple cider which is sold widely in the United States. There are several numbers of brands available today when it comes to ciders and the competition is pretty fierce. Despite of the competition, people adapt to the taste of a certain brand and tend to take a liking towards it.

There are two kinds of ciders that are sold in the United States today. The soft cider is just like the normal apple juice but it is prepared in the traditional way. It does not usually contain any preservatives to increase its shelf life, and the only thing it contains is potassium which prevents it from fermenting. The other variety of cider sold in the United States is the hard cider which is actually considered as the best alternative for beer. It is fermented and for fermenting it yeast is used. Both the type of ciders can be prepared at home if you have a cider press.

It is not only apple cider that is sold as an alternative to alcoholic beverages like beer. There are other kinds of fruits that are fermented into cider. However, these are types of natural alcohols and not methyl alcohol, and they only are fermented using yeast which is a naturally occurring fermenting agent.

Some of the best ciders that are being sold in the United States are Farnum Hill Ciders, Hudson Valley Draft Cider, Rhyne Cider and West County Winery. White Oaks is also a very popular brand of cider.

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Best American Cider




How-To-Make-A-Cider-Press      Apple cider is a favorite drink for several people during celebrations. They come in so many varieties like sparkling ciders and also natural ciders. They are very healthy for us too and we can have it when we have common ailments. Also, there are two kinds of cider, the hard and the soft cider. The hard cider is used as a substitute for alcoholic beverages as they taste similar. More..




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