How To Make Hard Cider ?  

Hard cider is a form of fermented cider which is considered as a best alternative for alcoholic beverages like beer. For making apple cider, you need to a cider press at home and then you also need to ferment it longer. Apple hard cider is a very popular beverage for Americans, and they have made it for several years.

Initially, they were made at home only. Making hard apple cider at home is done through a process called brewing. You need few basic pieces of equipment to get started. One of them is the cider press, which is available online and in several stores. Before you start the process, sanitize the equipment and make sure it is germ-free. Keep containers ready for the process and also get an airtight container. Also, make sure that the container you get can fit in the air lock thoroughly.

When fermenting cider, it should never come in contact with air and that is why you need an airlock. If it comes in contact with air, it starts changing into vinegar and will end up being very sour in taste. One of the methods used to ferment the cider is by adding yeast to it. The amount of yeast you are supposed to add depends on the amount of cider or apple juice you have in hand. Some people also use sulfur to sanitize the cider, so that it does not smell bad. So, for one gallon of cider you get you should add 21 cup sugar and half a teaspoon of the enzyme like yeast. You can also use wine yeast as an alternative.

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How To Make Hard Cider ?




Apple-Juice-Vs-Apple-Cider      As the names suggest, both apple cider and apple juice are extracted from apples. Apple juice is only made from those kinds of apples which can turn into juice in a fast and short period of time. On the other hand, apple cider is made using any kind of apple but in an apple press. Using a grape press that is used to make wine is also not a wise choice for making apple cider. More..




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