How To Take Care Of A Boston Fern ?  

Boston ferns are one of the most attractive varieties of ferns available among indoor plants. They are admired for their foliage and they are used for a lot of decorative purposes including flower arrangements. Boston ferns grow well in shady and moist areas. They do not prosper very well under direct sunlight. They do need sunlight, but not much.

The Boston ferns all said and done need some amount of maintenance and looking after. That is why many people do not take to this plant because of the amount of work it involves. If it receives proper attention and care, it will stay green and healthy and also provide the beauty for your indoor environment. In order to grow healthy, the Boston fern plants need good lighting, humidity and enough nutrients through water and soil.

The Boston ferns are bushy plants with several leaves and they all grow from a single point. The rib of the leaf is brown in color and small tiny green leaves like spikes grow through out the stem. Sometimes, the fern plants are bright green in color and sometimes they are dark green. In proper light, they also grow a combination of both the colors and often in several shades of green.

These Boston ferns can be placed in small pots on the floor or on stools, and they can also be placed in hanging pots. If used with the right combination of plants and placed in right spots, it can add a lot of beauty to your home and garden.

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How To Take Care Of A Boston Fern ?




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How To Take Care Of A Boston Fern ? )
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