Where The Red Fern Grows Unit ?  

Ferns are one of the most attractive plants to be found in the world. They normally grow in tropical climates and they come in attractive colors. Most of the colors that the fern plants grow in are different shades of green. Very rarely you will also find the red fern. When you look at it in the form of a single plant, you may not appreciate it that much. However, if you look at some of the pictures of the rain forest where this ferns are arranged among other different shades of ferns and plants, you will see that they stand out in beauty.

The red ferns are attractive plants and are slightly bigger than the normal fern plant. They are bright red in color and looks burnt like the shades that you would find on a maple leaf during fall. It is that red in color.

Red ferns are known to be one of the most delicate plants. They cannot tolerate extremely hot and dry weathers. They need moisture and shady spots. They also need sunlight for nutrition but in small amounts. They are good indoor plants and if kept and cared for in the right spot then you can grow red ferns successfully.

One of the most common places to find the red ferns is in the rain forests of India, Cambodia, New Zealand and Australia. They offer exotic views to the spectator. However, rain forests are usually difficult areas to reach and also they have a rich wealth of flora and fauna. Several different types of ferns thrive in this environment because of the amount of moisture in the air.

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Where The Red Fern Grows Unit ?




Alternation-Of-Generations-Fern      Alternation of generation is a type of reproduction that we see in plants and some plants especially like ferns, mosses, hornworts and liveworts follow this method of reproduction. Plants that follow this type of reproduction method have two stages of lifecycle. They can reproduce sexually and asexually. The gametophytes will create a male and a female gamete, and when they come together or unite, they form the sporophyte. The saprophytes then create the spores using the asexual reproduction method. These spores germinate in the gametophytes. More..




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Where The Red Fern Grows Unit ? )
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