Growing Garlic From Seed

Growing Garlic From Seed

Garlic grows from the cloves that are found in the herb. You can grow garlic by planting one of the cloves into a pot. Garlic is a bulbous herb that has several cloves in it. It is a white colored herb or bulb. It has a strong smell and taste and a pungent order. However, garlic can taste very good when it is roasted or fried.

It has several antiseptic properties and is extremely good for curing some difficult diseases. Some horticulturalists have experimented in growing garlic wherein attempts were made to grow garlic from seeds. The results were mixed.

However, in garlic farming, it is grown from the cloves of the herb. So, if you want to start growing garlic, choose the best looking clove of the bulb and peel the skin off. Then plant it in a pot.

However, this can only give you the basic experience of growing garlic. When seeds are sold commercially, the weakest forms of garlic are avoided. So the plants that grow out of seeds usually turn out healthy crops. Also, garlic crop is prone to disease and the chances of it are reduced when you grow it from seeds.

Garlic needs ample sunlight and good soil conditions along with drainage to grow. As long as you provide all these conditions for the crop then you can grow the garlic plant successfully. When you buy fresh commercial seeds of garlic, you can be sure that the plants will grow and also you will know that you are growing garlic that is good in quality and has no disease.

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Growing Garlic From Seed