Ginseng Ficus Care Requirements  

Ginseng ficus is a kind of tree that is known for its shape and has a distinct root that is above the ground. It resembles very close to the ginseng. Scientifically, these trees belong to the ficus family, and they are also known as Indian laurel figs. These trees are very fast growing, and they usually grow in the wild. They can also be cultivated indoors in a pot. Because these plants grow very fast, the ginseng ficus makes an ideal subject for bonsai and also landscaping.

This tree can be commonly seen in indoor landscaping because of their fast growing nature. It is also a very tolerant tree. They can handle varied soil conditions without much fuss and also need to be watered just when the soil in the pot seems dry.

The ginseng ficus trees can be fed with fertilizers when their growth is rapid. In winters, the plants should not be fed much because they will show signs of illness otherwise. They need nitrogen and loose soil. And, other than these two factors, these plats do not need much to grow. If you want the tree to have a strong support structure, then you should prune it regularly. Even if you prune them excessively, the trees will recover fast. They start growing leaves and will look normal in a short period of time. Only through constant pruning, you can achieve a strong structure for the plant. If you are going for bonsai, then prune more than necessary because they will develop a wide and strong trunk.

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Ginseng Ficus Care Requirements




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