How To Harvest Horseradish ?  

Horseradish is an extremely simple plant to grow and it is also very easy to harvest. It is a great root to add to your meat dishes and offers great taste and flavor. It can be added to sandwiches as well as salads.

When you grow horseradish in your garden, you just have to ensure two things. One is the soil is well drained, and also add mulch on the top, so that they always lock in the moisture needed for the plant. You can mildly water it everyday, and you will have a beautiful horseradish patch in some time.

These plants are not very fussy and grow in varied climatic conditions. They even grow well in shady spots or in conditions including lack of sunlight. When it comes to harvesting, you should know the right time to harvest the corp.

Check the crowns of the horseradish. They should be at least one inch in diameter. If they are too small, then leave them for another summer. However, the best time to harvest these roots is only in mid summer. Use a pitch fork to loosen the soil and make sure the radish will come out when you pull it. Dig the soil around the radish, but ensure that you do not hurt the root. If you like to have it as a whole, you should be careful while digging. Once you pull it out, collect them in a basket and allow them to dry. Put it under direct sunlight by the window or something so that it can dry out completely.

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How To Harvest Horseradish ?




How-To-Make-Horseradish      Horseradish is a root that grows fairly easily in our gardens and they are very tasty. People either take an instant liking to the taste or they can hate it completely. It can add great flavor to your sandwiches, meat and salads or even soups. It is somewhat like the Japanese wasabi and can be very spicy in flavor and taste. More..




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How To Harvest Horseradish ? )
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